My dear Brother,

The search for Greatness and Excellence is at the heart of our obligations.
As Free Masons, we all aspire to deeds marked with worth and nobility.

Quattro Coronati Tabacalera is the result of such endeavor: to live a moment
of eternity in which the experience of a World Class Cigar and the power of
our Symbols are united.

Our Tobacco was carefully raised in the Dominican Republic, meticulously 
hand-crafted by Aging Room - Ranked n°2 by Cigar Aficionado in 2013 - to finally be elevated as a Masterpiece, by Brethren for Brethren. 

We pioneered in creating unique Handicraft in the History of our Order to invite you on a Journey which legend is for you to write.   

We are proud and honored to welcome you to Quattro Coronati Tabacalera   
Creators of FRATERNITAS Cigars   

 Most Fraternally,   

Br. Eduardo R. ADAM  
Br. Oliver M.S. GUILLET  
Br. Timothy W. HOGAN



Rafael Nodal is the President of Boutique Blends, Owner of Aging Room Cigars, 

and primarily responsible for the production of Fraternitas Cigar's blends and lines, 

a World Class Cigar exclusively manufactured for the Masonic community.

He strives always to produce Cigars of the Highest Quality appealing to the true connoisseur.

..."My primary idea or mission is to make complex blends with a lot of flavour and aroma, and a lot of character."

 - Rafael NODAL